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whirligig something that whirls or spins, such as a child's toy or a merry-go-round. [3 definitions]
whirligig beetle any of numerous beetles that dart about in circles on the surfaces of ponds, streams, and the like.
whirlpool water turning rapidly about a center and exerting a downward pull; vortex. [2 definitions]
whirlpool bath a bath in which parts of the body are immersed in hot swirling water as therapy.
whirlwind a small windstorm, such as a tornado, in which a column of air revolves rapidly around a central, relatively vertical axis as the storm advances. [3 definitions]
whirlybird (informal) a helicopter.
whish to move with a soft rushing or swishing sound. [2 definitions]
whisk to move, brush off, or carry off with, or as though with, a quick, light sweep of the hand or a brush. [6 definitions]
whisk broom a small short-handled broom, used to brush or sweep clothes, raised surfaces, and the like.
whisker (usu. pl.) facial hair growing on the upper lip, cheeks, and chin. [3 definitions]
whiskerando (slang) someone with abundant facial hair; a heavily whiskered man.
whiskered having or covered with whiskers.
whiskey an alcoholic liquor distilled from grains such as rye, barley, or corn and usu. containing forty to fifty percent alcohol. [2 definitions]
whiskey sour a cocktail made of whiskey, lemon juice, and sugar, generally shaken with cracked ice.
whisky whiskey, esp. Scotch or Canadian.
whisper to speak in a hushed tone, without vibrating the vocal cords. [9 definitions]
whispering campaign the organized spreading of insinuations and rumors, intended to discredit a person, organization, cause, or the like.
whist a card game from which contract bridge was derived.
whistle to make shrill high sounds by forcing air through a constricted opening such as pursed lips or a device. [10 definitions]
whistleable combined form of whistle.
whistle-blower a person who informs authorities about someone else's wrongdoing, as in a government agency.