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whitecap (usu. pl.) a wave with a breaking crest of white foam.
white cedar an evergreen tree of the cypress family growing in swampy areas of the eastern United States, having soft, pliable, light-colored wood. [3 definitions]
white clover a clover that bears white flowers and is found in pastures and meadows.
white-collar of, pertaining to, belonging to, or done by workers whose work does not involve manual labor.
white-collar crime a crime such as embezzlement or fraud that is committed by a business executive, government official, or other white-collar worker.
whited sepulcher a wicked person who pretends to be pure or holy; hypocrite.
white dwarf a very dense but dim star that is approximately the same size as the earth.
white elephant a possession no longer wanted by its owner, but having possible value to others. [3 definitions]
white encroachment the intrusion or invasion of white settlers, colonists, missionaries, and the like upon the land and communities of indigenous or other established populations, used esp. with reference to acts perpetrated by European colonists upon American Indian land and people.
white-faced having a pale or white face, as from fear or fatigue; pallid. [2 definitions]
white feather a symbol or sign of cowardice.
whitefish any of several edible, usu. silvery freshwater or saltwater fishes.
white flag a white cloth or flag indicating surrender or truce.
whitefly any of several small whitish insects that are often harmful to plants.
White Friar a Carmelite friar, who usu. wears a white cloak.
white gold any of several whitish-colored gold alloys containing nickel, platinum, or the like.
white-haired having white or very light-colored hair.
Whitehall the British government or its policies, esp. the civil-service branch. [2 definitions]
white heat a heat so intense that a substance glows white. [2 definitions]
white-hot heated so hot as to glow white. [2 definitions]
White House the official residence of the President of the United States in Washington, D.C. (prec. by "the"). [2 definitions]