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whiten to make or become white.
white noise a sound that is a mixture of all the audible frequencies, each at about the same intensity.
white oak a large oak of eastern North America that has a light gray to white bark, and yields a hard, light-colored wood.
whiteout a weather condition, usu. occurring in polar areas, in which the snow-covered ground blends into a white sky, blotting out the horizon and destroying the sense of depth, direction, and distance.
white paper an official report published by a government agency. [2 definitions]
white pepper a condiment with a sharp flavor prepared by grinding the inner fruit of the East Indian pepper.
white pine a pine of eastern North America that has needles in bundles of five and soft, light wood. [2 definitions]
white poplar a poplar of Europe and Asia, now widely cultivated in the United States, that bears leaves with white or gray down on the undersides.
white sale a sale of sheets, pillowcases, and other household linens.
white sauce a sauce for vegetables, meat, fish, and the like, made of butter, flour, milk, stock, and seasonings.
white shark a very large shark of warm and tropical seas, known to attack humans; great white shark.
white supremacy the belief or doctrine that the white race is naturally superior to other races, esp. blacks, and therefore has the right to dominate and exploit them socially, economically, and politically.
white-tailed deer a common North American deer, having a tail with a white underside.
white tie a man's white bow tie, worn with formal evening dress. [2 definitions]
white trash (offensive slang) one or more members of the class of poor whites, esp. in the South.
whitewall a tire, as for an automobile, with a white band on the side facing outward.
whitewash a coating usu. made of lime and water, applied to walls, fences, or foundations as a whitener. [6 definitions]
white water foaming white water, esp. as seen in rapids. [2 definitions]
white-water of or relating to recreational canoeing, rafting, or the like, on rivers with rapids.
white whale see "beluga."
whitey (derogatory slang) a white person, or whites collectively.