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who'll contracted form of "who will".
wholly entirely; completely. [2 definitions]
whom what person or persons (considered as the object of a verb or preposition).
whomever whoever (considered as the object of a verb or preposition).
whomp (informal) a loud heavy blow, slap, or the like. [3 definitions]
whomsoever whomever (used for emphasis).
whoop a loud shout or cry, such as a battle cry or a cry of excitement or enthusiasm. [8 definitions]
whoop-de-do (informal) noisy or excited activity; commotion; hoopla.
whoopee used to express excited happiness or the like.
whooping cough an acute infectious respiratory disease in children, marked by intense spasms of coughing.
whooping crane a large North American bird, now rare, that has black and white plumage and a loud, whooping call.
whoop it up (informal) to make loud noises or a disturbance, as in celebration. [2 definitions]
whoops used to express mild surprise, embarrassment, or regret.
whoosh a loud rushing or gushing sound, as made by air or water moving or expanding rapidly. [2 definitions]
whop (informal) to strike or beat hard. [4 definitions]
whopper (informal) something exceptionally large, esp. as compared to others of its kind. [2 definitions]
whopping (informal) very large, remarkable, or the like.
whore one who engages in frequent sexual intercourse for money; prostitute. [4 definitions]
who're contracted form of "who are".
whorehouse an establishment where prostitutes are for hire; brothel; house of prostitution.
whoremonger a pimp.