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whoosh a loud rushing or gushing sound, as made by air or water moving or expanding rapidly. [2 definitions]
whop (informal) to strike or beat hard. [4 definitions]
whopper (informal) something exceptionally large, esp. as compared to others of its kind. [2 definitions]
whopping (informal) very large, remarkable, or the like.
whore one who engages in frequent sexual intercourse for money; prostitute. [4 definitions]
who're contracted form of "who are."
whorehouse an establishment where prostitutes are for hire; brothel; house of prostitution.
whoremonger a pimp.
whorish of or characteristic of a whore; lewd; promiscuous.
whorl a circular arrangement, as of leaves or petals around a center, or a coiled shape. [4 definitions]
whortleberry one of two European blueberry plants, or the fruit of these plants.
who's contracted form of "who is," or contracted form of "who has."
whose the possessive form of who; of or belonging to which person or persons. [3 definitions]
whosoever whoever (used for emphasis).
why for what reason, purpose, or cause. [5 definitions]
why'd (informal) contracted form of "why did."
why're (informal) contracted form of "why are."
why's (informal) contracted form of "why is."
why've (informal) contracted form of "why have."
WI abbreviation of "Wisconsin," a midwestern U.S. state between Minnesota and Lake Michigan.
wick a cord or tape of loosely bunched, braided, or woven fibers that, in a candle, oil lamp, or the like, draws up fuel by capillary action to be burned at its upper end. [2 definitions]