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whoosh a loud rushing or gushing sound, as made by air or water moving or expanding rapidly. [2 definitions]
whop (informal) to strike or beat hard. [4 definitions]
whopper (informal) something exceptionally large, esp. as compared to others of its kind. [2 definitions]
whopping (informal) very large, remarkable, or the like.
whore one who engages in frequent sexual intercourse for money; prostitute. [4 definitions]
who're contracted form of "who are".
whorehouse an establishment where prostitutes are for hire; brothel; house of prostitution.
whoremonger a pimp.
whorish of or characteristic of a whore; lewd; promiscuous.
whorl a circular arrangement, as of leaves or petals around a center, or a coiled shape. [4 definitions]
whortleberry one of two European blueberry plants, or the fruit of these plants.
who's contracted form of "who is". ; contracted form of "who has".
whose the possessive form of who; of or belonging to which person or persons. [3 definitions]
whosoever whoever (used for emphasis).
why for what reason, purpose, or cause. [5 definitions]
why'd (informal) contracted form of "why did".
why're (informal) contracted form of "why are".
why's (informal) contracted form of "why is".
why've (informal) contracted form of "why have".
WI abbreviation of "Wisconsin," a midwestern U.S. state between Minnesota and Lake Michigan.
wick a cord or tape of loosely bunched, braided, or woven fibers that, in a candle, oil lamp, or the like, draws up fuel by capillary action to be burned at its upper end. [2 definitions]