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Windsor tie a wide soft necktie, usu. of black silk, tied in a loose bow.
windstorm a storm with high winds that may or may not be accompanied by precipitation.
windsurf to stand on a special surfboard to which a flexible sail is attached and move across the water by manipulating the sail.
windsurfing a sport in which the participant stands on a special kind of surfboard to which a flexible sail is attached and moves across the water by manipulating the sail.
windswept exposed or subjected to the wind; windy or windblown.
wind tee a large T-shaped weather vane, usu. found on or near airfields.
wind tunnel a chamber through which air is forced and in which planes, motor vehicles, and the like, or scale models of them, are tested to determine the effects of wind pressure.
wind turbine a device that generates electricity through the conversion of the wind's kinetic energy.
windup the conclusion or last stages or activities of something. [3 definitions]
wind up (informal) to bring (something) to an end. [4 definitions]
windward to or toward the wind. [3 definitions]
windy having a great or excessive amount of wind; characterized by wind. [4 definitions]
wine the fermented juice of any of a variety of grapes, usu. having an alcohol content of up to fifteen percent. [7 definitions]
wine and dine to entertain, as by treating to a lavish dinner and drinks.
winebibber a person who drinks much wine.
wine cellar a place, often a cellar, for the storing of wine. [2 definitions]
wine-colored having the color of red wine; deep purple-red.
wine cooler a beverage made with wine, usu. white, fruit juice or flavoring, and carbonated water.
wine gallon see "gallon."
wineglass a drinking glass, usu. with a stem, used for wine. [2 definitions]
wineglassful in the UK, a unit of capacity equal to five tablespoons or 71.0328 milliliters.