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winker a person or thing that winks. [2 definitions]
winkle the periwinkle. [2 definitions]
wink out to stop shining, as a twinkling light or lights.
winless combined form of win.
Winnebago a member of a North American Indian people now living in Wisconsin and Nebraska. [2 definitions]
winner one that wins or is favored to win; victor.
winner's circle a small, usu. circular area at a racetrack where the winning horse, its jockey, and its owner receive recognition and awards.
winning successful or victorious. [4 definitions]
winnow to separate (grain) from chaff and impurities by tossing it into the air. [8 definitions]
wino (informal) an alcoholic, esp. a vagrant who stays intoxicated on cheap wine.
win over to get (someone) on one's side; to convince (someone) to give support to one's plan or idea.
winsome attractive or charming; winning.
Winston Churchill a British statesman and author (b.1874--d.1965); prime minister in 1940-45 and 1951-55.
winter the season of the year that is the lowest in temperature and occurs between the autumn and spring seasons. In the northern hemisphere, winter begins with the December solstice and ends at the March equinox. In the Southern hemisphere, winter begins at the summer solstice in June and ends with the autumnal equinox in September. [10 definitions]
winterberry any of several North American hollies that bear berries that stay on the branches through the winter.
winterfeed to feed (cattle, sheep, deer, and the like) during winter when pasturage is unavailable. [2 definitions]
wintergreen a low creeping evergreen commonly found in eastern North America that bears white, bell-shaped flowers and edible red berries, and has leaves that yield an aromatic oil. [3 definitions]
winterize to prepare (a house, vehicle, or the like) for winter, as with covering, insulation, or antifreeze.
winterkill to kill or be killed by exposure to very cold weather or drying winds, as plants or crops. [3 definitions]
winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the day, usu. December 21, on which the period from sunrise to sunset is shortest.
winter squash any of several varieties of squash with thick hard rinds that can be stored for long periods.