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withe a strong pliable twig or stem, esp. of a willow, used as a binding.
wither to dry up, shrivel, or wilt, as from decay or lack of moisture. [5 definitions]
withers on a horse or similar animal, the highest spot on the back, at the base of the neck between the shoulder blades.
withheld past tense and past participle of withhold.
withhold to deliberately hold back; restrain. [3 definitions]
withholding tax a tax on income that is deducted from an employee's wages or salary by an employer who conveys it directly to the government; withholding.
within into or in the interior part, esp. of a building or room. [6 definitions]
within hail within the reach of the voice; hailing distance.
within reason in accordance with good sense.
with might and main with all available strength and power.
with no strings attached with no conditions or contingencies.
with one's pants down in a condition of embarrassment or surprise.
without having none of or no; lacking. [5 definitions]
without fail certainly; positively.
without number countless.
without prejudice in law, without effect on one's legal interest or claim.
with regard to concerning; about.
with respect to in connection with something; concerning.
withstand to resist or stand up to; prevail against, bear, or survive. [2 definitions]
withstood past tense and past participle of withstand.
withy withe. [3 definitions]