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without having none of or no; lacking. [5 definitions]
without fail certainly; positively.
without number countless.
without prejudice in law, without effect on one's legal interest or claim.
with regard to concerning; about.
with respect to in connection with something; concerning.
withstand to resist or stand up to; prevail against, bear, or survive. [2 definitions]
withstood past tense and past participle of withstand.
withy withe. [3 definitions]
witless lacking or not using wit or intelligence; stupid; foolish.
witling someone who tries to appear witty, esp. one who has little wit.
witness to see or personally experience. [9 definitions]
witness-box (chiefly British) the place in a court of law from which a witness testifies; witness stand.
witness stand the place in a court of law from which a witness testifies.
witted having (a certain kind of) wit or intelligence (used in combination).
witticism a witty remark, joke, insult, or saying.
witting knowing or aware. [2 definitions]
witty displaying or characterized by clever, perceptive humor. [2 definitions]
wives pl. of wife.
wizard one who practices magic; sorcerer. [2 definitions]
wizardry the magic practiced by a wizard; sorcery. [2 definitions]