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wood block a block of wood on which a woodcut or wood engraving is made.
woodblock a hollow block of wood used as a percussion instrument.
woodcarving the art or process of carving objects by hand out of wood. [2 definitions]
woodchuck any of various marmots, esp. one commonly found in northeastern North America that has a stocky body and shaggy gray-brown fur, lives in a burrow, and hibernates in winter; groundhog.
woodcock any of several European and North American game birds that have a short neck, short legs, a long bill, and brown plumage.
woodcraft ability to function in the woods, as in hunting or camping. [2 definitions]
woodcut a block of wood engraved with a raised relief, used in printing; woodblock. [2 definitions]
woodcutter one who cuts down trees and chops wood, as for firewood.
wood duck a brightly colored North American duck that nests in trees, often near woodland ponds or lakes.
wooded having woods; covered with trees.
wooden made or consisting of wood. [3 definitions]
wood engraving the art or process of engraving on wood, esp. on the end grain with a burin. [3 definitions]
woodenhead (informal) a stupid or foolish person; blockhead; dolt.
wooden Indian a carved wooden statue of a standing American Indian brave, formerly placed as an advertisement in front of cigar stores.
woodenware bowls, platters, containers, and other useful or decorative objects that are made of wood.
wood ibis a very large white stork that has a featherless gray head, a thin downward-curving bill, and black wing patches, that is found in wetlands from the southern United States to South America and Africa.
woodland land covered with woods; forest. [2 definitions]
wood lot an area where trees are cultivated, esp. for firewood or lumber.
wood louse any of certain small terrestrial crustaceans that have seven pairs of legs and flat elliptical bodies, such as the sow bug.
woodman a woodsman.
woodnote a natural musical sound, such as the cry of a woodland bird or hum of an insect.