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woodnote a natural musical sound, such as the cry of a woodland bird or hum of an insect.
wood nymph in Greek and Roman mythology, any of the spirits or nymphs that live in the woods; dryad. [3 definitions]
woodpecker any of several related birds of various sizes that have a strong, chisel-like bill used to penetrate tree trunks, strong claws, and stiff tails adapted to climbing trees.
woodpile a stack of wood, esp. firewood.
wood pulp wood converted to pulp by physical or chemical means, used esp. in the making of paper.
Woodrow Wilson the 28th President of the United States (1913-1921), who initially kept the United States out of World War I and then, in his second term, asked Congress to declare war on Germany. After the war, Wilson was instrumental in the creation of the League of Nations, an organization dedicated to promoting world peace (b. 1856--d.1924).
woodruff any of several low-growing plants found in Europe and Asia that bear small, fragrant white flowers, and have narrow, whorled, fragrant leaves.
wood screw a sharply pointed screw designed to be used in wood.
woodshed a shed for storing firewood. [2 definitions]
woodsman a man who lives or works in the woods or is skilled at woodcraft.
wood sorrel any of various related, creeping, woodland plants of Europe and North America that have heart-shaped compound leaves, containing oxalic acid, and bear white, pink, or yellow flowers.
woodstove a stove, usu. connected to a chimney, that burns wood to provide heat.
woodsy of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or suggesting the woods.
wood tar a dark sticky liquid distilled from the slow, flameless burning of wood, used as a preservative on timber, rope, and the like, and in the making of creosote and pitch.
wood thrush a large common North American woodland thrush with a reddish head and large dark spots on a white breast, noted for its beautiful song.
wood turning the process of shaping wood on a lathe.
woodwind any of a group of musical wind instruments, including clarinets, flutes, oboes, bassoons, and sometimes saxophones, that were originally made of wood. [2 definitions]
woodwork wooden objects, parts, or coverings, esp. the interior fittings of a house, such as door and window frames, wall coverings, stairways, and moldings.
woodworking the art, act, or process of shaping wood. [2 definitions]
woodworm a worm or insect larva that breeds in or bores into wood.
woody filled with trees; wooded. [4 definitions]