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word of honor a statement, pledge, verbal commitment, or the like that is backed by one's honor; sworn oath; solemn promise.
word order the way in which words are arranged, or their grammatically correct sequence, in a phrase, clause, or sentence.
word problem a mathematics exercise in which a hypothetical situation expressed in words must be solved mathematically.
word processing the production of typed documents with the use of automated typewriters or computers. [2 definitions]
word processor a computerized device, such as an electronic typewriter, or combination of devices, such as a video screen, program, memory, and printer, used to generate, edit, print, store, duplicate, or transmit text. [2 definitions]
wordsmith one who uses language with especial skill or craft, such as a professional writer. [2 definitions]
wordsmyth variant of wordsmith.
word square a selection of words arranged in a square that reads the same vertically or horizontally.
wordy pertaining to or having words; verbal. [2 definitions]
wore past tense of wear.
work physical or mental effort directed toward achieving some result; labor. [22 definitions]
workable capable of being handled or worked. [2 definitions]
workaday pertaining to, characteristic of, or suitable for workdays or the workplace. [2 definitions]
workaholic a person who works all the time, usu. compulsively.
workbench a sturdy table or bench at which carpentry or mechanical work is done.
workbook a usu. paper-bound book for students, containing problems or exercises and spaces for written answers, solutions, calculations, or practice. [3 definitions]
workday a day on which work is done, esp. on a regular basis. [2 definitions]
worker one who engages in work or who is employed at a job. [3 definitions]
workers' compensation money that is paid for medical costs if a worker at a company has been injured while doing his or her job.
work ethic a belief in the moral virtue of hard work.
work force the total number of workers who are actively employed in a business, industry, or nation, or who are available for employment; labor force.