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wrench to twist suddenly and with force. [13 definitions]
wrest to take, take away, or obtain with or as if with a forcible twist or yank. [3 definitions]
wrestle to engage in the sport of wrestling, or to grapple as if in that sport. [6 definitions]
wrestling an athletic exercise or contest in which two opponents grapple, each in an effort to throw and pin the other to the ground. [2 definitions]
wretch one who is desperately poor, unhappy, or unfortunate. [2 definitions]
wretched miserable, unhappy, or unfortunate. [4 definitions]
wrier a comparative of "wry."
wriest a superlative of "wry."
wriggle to twist and turn one's body with squirming movements; wiggle. [6 definitions]
wriggler one that wriggles. [2 definitions]
wright a worker at or creator of something (usu. used in combination).
wring to twist and squeeze tightly, as between the hands or between rollers. [7 definitions]
wringer a person or thing that wrings, esp. a device consisting of two rollers, mounted one above the other, between which wet laundry is rolled to squeeze the water out of it.
wring out to press the water from.
wrinkle1 a crease or ridge on a normally flat surface such as cloth or skin. [5 definitions]
wrinkle2 (informal) an approach, method, development, device, or the like (usu. prec. by new).
wrist the joint between the arm and hand, or the bones forming this joint. [2 definitions]
wristband any of various bands that fasten around the wrist.
wristlet a protective band worn around the wrist. [2 definitions]
wristlock a wrestling hold in which one person tightly grips the wrist and twists the arm of another.
wrist pin a pin that joins the end of a connecting rod to a piston, wheel, or the like.