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wrongheaded perversely and obstinately adhering to a wrong opinion or course of action. [2 definitions]
wrong number a telephone number incorrectly or mistakenly dialed. [2 definitions]
wrote past tense of write.
wroth in a rage; furious; wrathful.
wrought worked, done, put together, or shaped. [4 definitions]
wrought iron a highly malleable, comparatively pure iron, used in stair railings, garden furniture, and other strong, intricately shaped objects.
wrought-up agitated; excited.
wrung past tense and past participle of wring.
wry drily humorous or sardonic. [2 definitions]
wryneck an abnormal condition in which the neck is twisted and the head bent by spasmodic contraction of the neck muscles; torticollis. [3 definitions]
WSW abbreviation of "west-southwest."
wt. abbreviation of "weight."
Wunderkind wonder child (German) a child prodigy.
wurst sausage (often used in combination).
WV abbreviation of "West Virginia," an eastern U.S. state northwest of Virginia.
WWI abbreviation of "World War I," a major four-year war fought primarily in Europe between the Allies, including France, Great Britain, and the United States, and the Central Powers, including Germany and Austria-Hungary, that ended in 1918 with the collapse of the Central Powers; Great War.
WWII abbreviation of "World War II," the major war of 1939-45, fought between Germany, Italy, and Japan on one side, and Great Britain, the United States, and the Soviet Union on the other. It ended with the collapse of Germany and the surrender of Japan.
WWOOF abbreviation of "World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms."
wwoofer a person who works on a volunteer basis on an organic farm and who receives food and shelter on the farm by the owner in exchange for the labor provided.
WY abbreviation of "Wyoming," a northwestern U.S. state between Montana and Colorado.
Wyandot a North American Indian tribe of the Huron confederacy, originally inhabiting Michigan, Ohio, and Ontario. [2 definitions]