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Yangtze River see "Chang Jiang River."
Yank (informal) a Yankee.
yank (informal) to pull or take out suddenly or abruptly; jerk. [2 definitions]
Yankee a native or resident of New England. [3 definitions]
Yankee Doodle a character in a Revolutionary War song, whose adventures are described in several humorous verses.
yanqui (Spanish; sometimes cap.) in Latin America, a Yankee; native or resident of the United States.
Yaoundé the capital of Cameroon.
yap to bark with sharp, high, shrill sounds, as a dog does. [6 definitions]
yard1 a unit of length equal to three feet or 0.9144 meter. (abbr.: yd.) [2 definitions]
yard2 an open area next to or surrounding a house or other building. [4 definitions]
yardage1 measurement in yards, or the length so measured. [3 definitions]
yardage2 the use of a pen or enclosure to hold livestock at a railway station before or after transportation by train. [2 definitions]
yardarm either half of a spar that hangs at right angles across a mast to support a square sail.
yard goods see "piece goods."
yardman a man who works in a yard, esp. a railroad yard or shipyard. [2 definitions]
yardmaster a person who manages a railroad yard.
yard sale a sale of used or unwanted items such as clothes, furniture, or kitchen utensils, often held in the yard of a house.
yardstick a measuring stick three feet long. [2 definitions]
yarmulke a skull cap worn by male Jews, esp. during prayer and other religious activities.
yarn a strand of twisted fibers made from natural or synthetic materials and used esp. for knitting or weaving. [4 definitions]
yarrow any of a variety of plants native to Eurasia that have feathery, fernlike leaves, bear tight clusters of small white, pink, or yellow flowers, and are sometimes used as medicine.