Old Quiz Makers page.

In our new Vocabulary Center, we have changed the way wordlists and activities are made. In order to use your old wordlists in the new activities, you can extract the wordlists from your old saved activities with one click. These lists will be immediately available to use in any of the new activities in the "Activities" section.

Go the "My Activities", select the activities, and click the "Extract Wordlist" button. The list will be available immediately. For more instructions, please see "How to extract wordlists from your old activities".

As part of the evolution of our site, the old activity makers will be removed during the summer. But you won't lose these lists. We will automatically convert any wordlist you have created in the old quiz makers, and make it available in our new system.

This new upgraded system will include the ability to save and share activities and scores. Until then, the old quiz makers and the glossary maker will be available on this page.

We welcome any feedback. Thank you for your support!