Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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action something that is done for a specific purpose.
angel a spiritual being who acts as a servant or messenger of God. Angels are often represented as human figures with wings and a halo.
bald having little or no hair on the head.
barrel a large round container with a flat top and bottom that is used to keep liquids. Barrels are often made of wood.
bully to frighten or hurt.
cellar a room that is built under the ground. People use it for storing things.
chalkboard a smooth, dark board to be written on with chalk; blackboard.
mysterious not known and not able to be explained.
runway a smooth, level strip on which airplanes take off and land.
send to cause to be carried to another place, especially by mail.
shelf a thin, flat piece of wood, metal, or other material that is attached to a wall or set into a piece of furniture. Shelves are used to hold books, dishes, and other things.
skate to move over ice or another hard surface using shoes that have a blade or wheels attached to the bottom.
skin the thin outer covering of the body.
twin either of two children or animals born at the same time to one mother.
type a group of things that are the same in some way.