Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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battle a fight between two opposing sides.
breathe to take air into and out of the lungs.
carton a box made of heavy paper.
flight a trip on a plane from one place to another.
harbor a safe area of water where people can leave their boats.
helicopter a type of aircraft that is held in the air and moved along by spinning blades attached to its top side.
lady a polite word for woman or girl.
legend a story or group of stories that have been handed down from a time long ago and that many people in a society know but cannot prove to be true or untrue.
limb one of the large branches of a tree.
math a short form of a word that means the study of numbers.
scold to tell someone that they have done something wrong, usually in an angry way.
spacecraft a vehicle designed to travel in outer space.
story1 a report of events that really happened or are imaginary.
tank a large container used to hold liquid or gas.
twig a small branch of a tree or other plant.