Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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awful very bad; terrible; of poor quality.
cousin the son or daughter of an aunt or uncle.
disgust to cause a strong feeling against something; to cause someone to feel sick.
drip to come down in drops.
driver a person who drives, or a person whose job is to drive.
hallway a narrow passage in a house or building; corridor.
incredible difficult or impossible to believe.
key a metal object cut in a special way so it can open or close locks.
kick to strike with the foot.
numb not able to feel; having no feeling.
oar a long pole that is wide and flat at one end. Oars are used to row or steer a boat.
ocean a part of the large body of salt water that covers most of the earth’s surface.
shake to move back and forth or up and down with small and quick motions.
silent making or having no sound.
stool a seat on tall legs and without arms or a back.