Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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blush to become red in the face because of shame or embarrassment.
carry to hold and take from one place to another.
firm1 not soft.
flap to swing or wave back and forth with a slapping sound.
herd the common people; most people. The expression "He (or she) follows the herd" means that a person tends to do what everybody else does, like a cow in a herd, and does not think for himself or herself.
holy relating to a god or religion.
liar a person who tells lies instead of the truth.
monster a large, frightening creature that is not real.
newspaper a set of large sheets of paper with reports about recent events, advertisements, and other information. Most newspapers are printed and sold every day or once a week.
pan an open, metal container for cooking or baking.
pencil a long, thin tool used for writing or drawing. Pencils are made of a narrow stick of wood with a dark gray or colored center.
pierce to pass or go through with or as if with something sharp; penetrate.
soften to make or become soft or softer.
upset to turn something over.
warrior a person who fights; a soldier.