Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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bone the hard parts inside of a person or animal.
booth a closed place or stall that has room for one person or a small group.
choose to pick one or more things or people from a group.
early near the beginning of something.
envelope a folded paper covering for a letter or other papers you mail. You write the address and put a stamp on an envelope before you mail it.
exit a way out.
height the distance from the bottom to the top.
hunt to search for and try to kill (animals) for food or sport.
mass a large amount or number.
nervous feeling worry or fear about a particular thing or things.
notice see or observe.
pilot a person who flies an airplane or other aircraft.
plot1 the story line or order of events in a book, play, or movie.
record to put in writing.
shower a period of rain that lasts a short time.