Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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bone the hard parts inside of a person or animal.
brave ready to face pain or danger; showing courage.
dusk the time of day just before night; last moments of twilight.
herd the common people; most people. The expression "He (or she) follows the herd" means that a person tends to do what everybody else does, like a cow in a herd, and does not think for himself or herself.
instrument a tool or mechanical device used for special work.
lid a cover for a container that can be opened or removed.
likely to be expected; probable.
machine a piece of equipment with a system of parts that work together to do or make something.
okay all right; satisfactory, acceptable.
pass to go past; move beyond.
prisoner a person who is held under close guard, as in a jail, while on trial or after being sentenced for a crime.
razor a tool with a very sharp blade that is used for cutting hair close to the skin.
throw to send something through the air using your arm.
wallpaper paper printed with colors or colored patterns and pasted onto walls and ceilings.
wheelchair a chair on wheels that is used by people who cannot walk from place to place.