Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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arrive to come to or reach a certain place.
barely almost not at all.
blade the part of a knife, scissors, or other tool that cuts.
burn to be on fire.
feed to provide food for or give food to someone or something.
flap to swing or wave back and forth with a slapping sound.
hallway a narrow passage in a house or building; corridor.
newspaper a set of large sheets of paper with reports about recent events, advertisements, and other information. Most newspapers are printed and sold every day or once a week.
once at one time in the past.
puzzle a toy or problem that you solve by thinking or by arranging letters, words, numbers, or objects.
remove to take something off or away.
shirt a piece of clothing for the upper part of the body.
smooth not rough; even.
trailer a wagon pulled by a car or truck and used to carry a load.
useful having a practical use or purpose.