Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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bar a long piece of solid material used to support something, hold something together, or keep something outside or inside.
cave a large, natural hole in rock or under the earth. A cave is big enough for a person or animal to enter.
chill a mild but uncomfortable coldness.
citizen a person who is a member of a country because of being born there or being accepted as a member by law.
fist a hand with the fingers bent under tight.
flood a sudden, strong flow of water onto land that should not be under water.
grease a thick, oily material used on a machine to allow the parts to rub together smoothly while the machine is working.
measure to find out the exact size of something.
mow to cut down with a blade or machine.
nap1 to sleep for a short time during daylight hours.
pardon to forgive or excuse (some act or behavior).
pierce to pass or go through with or as if with something sharp; penetrate.
punish to cause someone to experience a thing that is painful or not pleasant because he or she did something wrong.
sky the air or space above the earth.
trouble serious difficulty.