Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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ache to have a dull pain that lasts a long time.
assignment something given as a task, such as a job or lesson.
cannon a large gun that is set on wheels or some other base. Cannons fire heavy shells.
club a heavy stick that is used as a weapon.
code a set of rules or laws.
delight great pleasure.
enough as much or as many as needed or required.
floor the lowest surface in a room; the surface on which one stands in a room.
hammer a tool with a heavy metal head on a handle. A hammer is used to hit things such as nails.
jealous feeling angry or sad when you want what another person has.
motor a machine that causes motion or power.
scene the place where any event takes place.
sniff to take in short breaths of air through the nose that can be heard.
soil1 the top layer of the earth's surface; dirt.
warrior a person who fights; a soldier.