Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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aim to point something at a thing that you want to hit.
answer what you say or write after someone asks you a question; a reply.
booth a closed place or stall that has room for one person or a small group.
calendar a page or set of pages that shows the days, weeks, and months of a year.
extra more than is expected or usual.
guest a person who visits another person's home.
instantly at once; without delay; immediately.
lung either of the two organs in the body that control breathing.
peanut a seed that people eat like a nut but grows under the ground and is in the same family of plants as beans.
rusty covered with rust; not working well.
spin to turn fast.
splendid beautiful or grand; making a strong impression.
stall1 an area of a barn or stable used for holding a single animal.
swap to exchange or trade.
tip2 to move to a leaning position.