Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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costume clothing worn to make one look like some other person, animal, or thing.
counter a long, high table. People sit on stools or stand at a counter to eat, prepare food, or do business.
cream the part of whole milk that contains fat. Butter is made from cream.
curve a line that bends smoothly in one direction without any straight parts.
further comparative of far; at or to a greater distance.
half one of two equal parts of a whole.
herd the common people; most people. The expression "He (or she) follows the herd" means that a person tends to do what everybody else does, like a cow in a herd, and does not think for himself or herself.
musical good at or fond of music.
painful causing discomfort in the body, as from an injury or illness.
power the ability to act, function, or cause things to happen.
small little in size, number, or amount.
straw dried stems of certain grain plants. Straw is used to feed farm animals and to make things such as baskets and hats.
tent a shelter held up by poles and rope and made of cloth or plastic.
terrific very good; fantastic.
trash anything that is thrown away because it is not wanted.