Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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ache to have a dull pain that lasts a long time.
actually as a matter of fact; really.
afterward at a later time.
bicycle a light vehicle with two wheels, one behind the other. You make the wheels turn by pushing on <hwref>pedals</hwref>.
boss a person who gives work to other people and tells them what to do; manager.
drunk having had too much alcohol to drink.
fist a hand with the fingers bent under tight.
highway a large, important public road.
limb one of the large branches of a tree.
net1 an object made of strong threads or strings that are woven in a way that leaves open spaces between them.
offer to present something to be accepted or refused.
path a track beaten by the feet of people or animals.
prize a reward given to the person who wins something.
relief the feeling of not having the pain or worry that you had before.
resource a source of help or support.