Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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author a person who writes books, stories, plays, or other works.
brave ready to face pain or danger; showing courage.
chalkboard a smooth, dark board to be written on with chalk; blackboard.
crystal a solid substance that has a repeating pattern of flat surfaces.
deep having a lot of space below or behind a certain point; reaching far down or back.
floor the lowest surface in a room; the surface on which one stands in a room.
hike to take a long walk in the country for fun or exercise.
juicy having a great amount of juice.
knee the joint between the upper and lower part of the leg.
loan money or something else that is borrowed or lent.
railroad a road of two connected steel bars along which trains move, or a system of transportation that uses these roads.
rider a person who is carried by a vehicle or animal.
safe providing protection from harm, loss, or damage; not dangerous.
tough hard to break; strong; lasting a long time.
towel a piece of soft cloth or paper used to dry the face, body, dishes, or other things.