Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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ax a tool with a blade attached to the end of a long handle. An ax is used for chopping wood.
brother a male person who has the same mother or father as another person.
candle a stick of wax with a string through the middle. The string burns and gives off light.
celebration a party anything else that people do to honor a special event.
collection a group of things of the same type that someone has brought together.
colorful having many colors; bright in color.
diver a person who works under water, using special clothing and equipment for breathing.
dump a place owned by a town or city where people can bring <hwref>garbage</hwref>.
fry to cook in hot butter, oil, or other fat.
heavy having much weight.
helicopter a type of aircraft that is held in the air and moved along by spinning blades attached to its top side.
mow to cut down with a blade or machine.
musician a person who has skill at playing, singing, or writing music.
number a unit with a fixed value that is used to count or to tell the position of something. You can write a number as a word or a symbol, such as “nine” or “9.”
tackle equipment or gear used in a sport or hobby such as fishing.