Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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apologize to say that you are sorry.
brick a very hard block of clay. People use bricks to make walls.
clear used to describe the sky when there are no clouds or when there is little <hwref>pollution</hwref> or dust.
drain to remove a liquid from something through a pipe.
frost a thin, light covering of ice.
golden having a shiny, deep yellow color.
inn a small hotel for people who are travelling.
insect a small animal with a hard covering over its body. Most kinds of insects have a body that is divided into three parts. Most insects also have three pairs of legs and one or two pairs of wings.
load to put things on or in something in order to carry them.
observe to notice or see.
plank a length of wood thicker than a board.
section a part that is different or apart from the whole.
surprise to suddenly do something (to someone) that is not at all expected.
tail a part of an animal’s body that sticks out from the back end.
tonight the present night or the night that is coming on this day.