Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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case2 a container for holding, carrying, or keeping things safe.
check to look at something in order to make sure that it is right or correct.
country a large area of land where people live under the same government or have the same culture; nation.
dot a small, round mark or spot.
fat having too much weight.
flood a sudden, strong flow of water onto land that should not be under water.
hiss to make a sound as if holding an "s" for a long time.
leak an opening or crack in a thing that lets something go through it.
pill a small piece of medicine that is taken by mouth.
platform a raised, level surface used as a place to work, perform, or speak to an audience.
promise to state, in a way that makes someone feel sure, that something will happen or will be done.
root the part of a plant that grows under the ground. Roots take in water and food, and they hold the plant in the soil.
scar the permanent mark that remains after a wound has healed.
snip to cut or clip with short, quick strokes of scissors.
wax a solid yellow substance that is made with fats or oils. It melts when you heat it for a short time.