Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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afterward at a later time.
brick a very hard block of clay. People use bricks to make walls.
careful paying close attention to what one is doing; cautious.
collar the part of a piece of clothing that goes around the neck.
cradle a small bed for a baby that can move from side to side.
daily happening or done every day.
drug a substance that causes a change in the body and mind.
frozen changed into a solid or made hard by freezing.
horrible causing a feeling of fear or horror.
mat a piece of material that is used to cover a small area of a floor or other surface.
mouth the part of the body through which an animal eats, breathes, and makes sounds. The mouth is on the face below the nose.
odor a smell, often a bad one.
pocket a small piece of material that is open at the top and sewn onto clothing for holding things.
pot a deep, round container made of metal, clay, glass, or other material. Pots are used for cooking and other purposes.
worried feeling trouble or anxiety about something that might happen.