Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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city a large and important town where many people live and work.
contain to hold or have within.
crust any hard or crisp outer layer.
dust tiny, dry pieces of dirt or other material that is in the air and collects on surfaces.
energy the ability to have force or power or to do work. There are many kinds of energy such as physical, electrical, nuclear, or chemical.
famous recognized by or well known to the public.
hair a single, thin structure like a thread that grows on the body of humans and some animals.
holiday a day to remember or celebrate something. Many businesses close and people do not go to school or work on a holiday.
important having great meaning or value.
opinion what you think about something or somebody.
plot1 the story line or order of events in a book, play, or movie.
thick large from one side of a surface to the other side; not thin.
though used to connect two parts of a sentence when the meaning of one part seems to disagree with the other.
walk to move your body by taking steps.
war a time of very great fighting between countries or groups of people.