Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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alike in the same way.
carol a song of joy, especially a Christmas song.
cozy warm and snug in a comfortable way.
cupboard a piece of furniture with shelves to store food, dishes, or other things.
driveway a private road that leads from a street to a building such as a house or garage.
makeup cream, powder, or other things you put on your face to change the way it looks or to make it look better.
pat1 a light tap or stroke with the open hand or a flat object.
sailor a member of the navy who works aboard a ship.
slope A surface that is higher on one end than the other.
sorrow the feeling of being sad.
stupid dull or slow to learn; not smart.
sunset the moment each day when the sun goes below the western horizon.
tape a substance made of plastic, cloth, or paper that has glue on one side. It is cut into long, narrow pieces. Tape is used to stick things together.
war a time of very great fighting between countries or groups of people.
winner one that wins or is likely to win or succeed.