Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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anger a strong feeling caused when someone or something has done something wrong to you or when you think that something is bad or not fair.
cage a space closed in by wires or bars and used to hold animals.
dairy a business that makes and sells milk, butter, and cheese.
dangerous likely to cause harm; not safe.
driveway a private road that leads from a street to a building such as a house or garage.
fact something said or known to be true.
friendly pleasant toward others.
highway a large, important public road.
hunter a person who tries to find and kill animals for food.
mill a machine that crushes whole or solid substances.
punishment a way of causing someone to suffer or experience something bad for having done something wrong.
sailor a member of the navy who works aboard a ship.
slice to take from a larger portion by cutting.
surprise to suddenly do something (to someone) that is not at all expected.
war a time of very great fighting between countries or groups of people.