Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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bar a long piece of solid material used to support something, hold something together, or keep something outside or inside.
crib a bed with high sides all around for a baby or young child to sleep in.
deed an act or action.
knee the joint between the upper and lower part of the leg.
naughty not behaving or obeying.
paint a liquid that is used on surfaces to give color or protect the surface.
pueblo a house made of adobe or stone built by Native Americans in the southwest United States. Pueblos are shared by the community and are usually several stories high.
punch1 a hard, quick hit with the closed hand.
punish to cause someone to experience a thing that is painful or not pleasant because he or she did something wrong.
self one's own being, character, and nature.
spacecraft a vehicle designed to travel in outer space.
sword a weapon that has a long pointed blade fixed on a handle or hilt. Swords are used to cut or thrust.
toss to throw gently.
tribe a group of people, families, or villages that share the same language, social customs, and ancestors.
wade to walk in water or something else that makes movement slower or more difficult.