Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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anger a strong feeling caused when someone or something has done something wrong to you or when you think that something is bad or not fair.
earn to receive money for work that you have done.
fat having too much weight.
feast A large meal with many different types of foods.
friendly pleasant toward others.
grade to rate for correctness or quality, usually by giving a letter or score.
paddle an oar with a wide, flat blade and long handle. A paddle is used with both arms for moving a small boat through the water. A paddle is not attached to the boat.
pat1 a light tap or stroke with the open hand or a flat object.
patch a small piece of material used to cover a hole or to protect an injury.
recycle to put used things through a process that allows them to be used again.
rib one of the set of bones that curve around the chest of a person or animal.
sand tiny, loose grains of ground rock such as you can see on beaches and in deserts.
silk a fine, soft, shiny fiber produced by certain insects.
swap to exchange or trade.
sweet having a taste like that of sugar or honey.