Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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bud a swelling on a plant that can grow into new parts, such as leaves or a flower.
class a group of people, things, or animals that are similar in certain ways; kind.
fix to repair.
harbor a safe area of water where people can leave their boats.
inventor one who conceives of or makes something new.
lobby to try to influence people who make laws to vote in a way that supports what the group wants.
log a large, thick piece of a tree that has been cut down and is ready for sawing, burning, or building.
mill a machine that crushes whole or solid substances.
paddle an oar with a wide, flat blade and long handle. A paddle is used with both arms for moving a small boat through the water. A paddle is not attached to the boat.
paper a thin material often used to write on, to wrap objects, and to make things such as containers.
recycle to put used things through a process that allows them to be used again.
shoot to hit with a bullet or other thing that flies from a weapon.
simple easy to do or understand.
trash anything that is thrown away because it is not wanted.
window an opening in a wall or vehicle that lets in air and light. The opening is usually covered by clear glass.