Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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adventure a trip or activity that is dangerous or exciting.
airport a large area of land where airplanes come and go.
closet a small room or space for storing things such as clothes or supplies.
listener one who listens.
mad angry.
nail a thin, pointed piece of metal with a flat top. You hammer nails into pieces of wood or other material in order to fasten them together.
ocean a part of the large body of salt water that covers most of the earth’s surface.
painful causing discomfort in the body, as from an injury or illness.
president a person who leads a company, club, or other organization. A president of an organization can be elected or <hwref>appointed</hwref>.
rob to steal something from a person or place, often with the use of force.
sink to fall slowly to a lower level.
sting to make a tiny hole in the skin that causes pain.
telephone to call or speak to someone using an electronic device that sends and receives sound over long distances.
wallpaper paper printed with colors or colored patterns and pasted onto walls and ceilings.
wrong not true or correct.