Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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actor a person who performs in a play, a movie, or a radio or television program.
beautiful very nice to see, hear, or feel.
bite to cut with the teeth.
coach a person who trains and teaches people in sports.
criminal a person who is guilty of a crime.
diagram a drawing or plan that shows the parts of something or how the parts work together.
hall a long space in a building that people walk through to go from one room to another.
hear to receive sound with the ears.
join to put, bring, or fasten together.
loud having a large amount of sound.
palace the official home of a king or queen or other person of high rank, or a fancy home where a king or queen might live.
score the total points earned in a game or test.
smack to hit noisily with an open hand; slap.
tent a shelter held up by poles and rope and made of cloth or plastic.
throne the seat used by a ruler or other important person for ceremonies or other special events.