Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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author a person who writes books, stories, plays, or other works.
call to say in a loud voice or shout out.
explorer a person who travels through an area that is unknown to find out what is there.
horrible causing a feeling of fear or horror.
kindness the quality of being kind.
maybe it may be so; perhaps.
pass to go past; move beyond.
ribbon a narrow strip or band of material used as decoration for hair, gifts, or the like.
section a part that is different or apart from the whole.
sting to make a tiny hole in the skin that causes pain.
suddenly without warning, often causing surprise or fear.
telephone to call or speak to someone using an electronic device that sends and receives sound over long distances.
ticket a small piece of paper that shows that you have paid for something.
tonight the present night or the night that is coming on this day.
trap to catch and not let escape.