Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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city a large and important town where many people live and work.
cure something that makes a sick person healthy or well.
dump a place owned by a town or city where people can bring garbage.
finish to reach or cause the end of; complete.
frighten to cause fear in someone; to make someone afraid.
fuss activity or attention that is not necessary.
pit1 a deep natural or artificial hole in the ground.
platform a raised, level surface used as a place to work, perform, or speak to an audience.
pride a sense of personal value that comes from what one has or can do.
school a place for teaching and learning.
soak to make completely wet; drench.
speed the act of moving rapidly or swiftly.
suit a set of clothes of the same material and color. A suit has a short coat and pants or a skirt.
trail a path or course through a forest or other rural place.
ugly not pleasant to look at.