Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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check to look at something in order to make sure that it is right or correct.
cramp1 a sharp pain in a muscle that suddenly becomes tight.
fat having too much weight.
fear a strong feeling you get when you expect danger or pain.
legend a story or group of stories that have been handed down from a time long ago and that many people in a society know but cannot prove to be true or untrue.
material anything used for building or making new things. Wood, metal, paint, and paper are examples of materials.
mouth the part of the body through which an animal eats, breathes, and makes sounds. The mouth is on the face below the nose.
pipe a tube of metal, plastic, or other material through which a gas or liquid may flow.
section a part that is different or apart from the whole.
station the place where a person or thing is normally found.
step each single movement of your foot as you walk.
sting to make a tiny hole in the skin that causes pain.
tool a thing that is used to help a person do work and that is usually held with the hands.
trap to catch and not let escape.
truck a large motor vehicle used for carrying heavy loads.