Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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ago before now; past.
bright giving a lot of light.
daylight the light of the day.
drown to die under water because of lack of air.
firm1 not soft.
huge very large in size or amount.
leaf a flat part of a plant or tree that grows from the stem or branch. A leaf is usually green.
puzzle a toy or problem that you solve by thinking or by arranging letters, words, numbers, or objects.
railroad a road of two connected steel bars along which trains move, or a system of transportation that uses these roads.
sniff to take in short breaths of air through the nose that can be heard.
spice a substance from a plant that has a special taste. Spices are used to add flavor to food and drink.
though used to connect two parts of a sentence when the meaning of one part seems to disagree with the other.
trust to believe that someone is good, honest, or able to be depended on.
vegetable a plant or part of a plant that is used for food, such as potato, broccoli, or onion.
view the area that can be seen from a particular point.