Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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bend a curved thing, part, or area; curve.
curious eager to learn or know.
envelope a folded paper covering for a letter or other papers you mail. You write the address and put a stamp on an envelope before you mail it.
gun a weapon with a tube made of metal from which bullets are fired.
illness the state of being unwell; sickness.
inventor one who conceives of or makes something new.
pocket a small piece of material that is open at the top and sewn onto clothing for holding things.
police a department of a town, city, or state government that protects people and their property and makes people obey laws.
skinny very thin; having little fat on the body.
sleeve the part of a shirt or other piece of clothing that covers the arm.
splendid beautiful or grand; making a strong impression.
squad a small number of persons trained to work together.
teacher a person whose job is explaining and showing things to students so that they can learn.
vanish to disappear suddenly from sight.
waist the part of the body between the chest and hips.