Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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choose to pick one or more things or people from a group.
cramp1 a sharp pain in a muscle that suddenly becomes tight.
dark having little or no light.
force power, energy, or physical strength.
fry to cook in hot butter, oil, or other fat.
mat a piece of material that is used to cover a small area of a floor or other surface.
meet to see and begin to know someone; be introduced to.
piano a musical instrument with a keyboard and many wire strings. A piano is played by pressing keys that cause small hammers to strike the strings.
praise to speak well of.
scene the place where any event takes place.
seek to try to find; look for.
split a division between two or more people.
tie to fasten with something like a string or rope.
warrior a person who fights; a soldier.
weed any plant that grows wild in places where people do not want it to grow.