Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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actor a person who performs in a play, a movie, or a radio or television program.
board a flat, cut piece of wood.
carol a song of joy, especially a Christmas song.
ceiling the part of a room that is over your head.
closet a small room or space for storing things such as clothes or supplies.
crib a bed with high sides all around for a baby or young child to sleep in.
double two times the amount or number.
gift something a person gives without wanting anything in return; a present.
loss failure to win; defeat.
mysterious not known and not able to be explained.
pulse the regular beating of the arteries that is caused by the beating of the heart. The pulse can be felt in the wrist or neck.
replace to put something in the place of another thing.
stamp to push down against a surface with a hard fast motion.
tackle equipment or gear used in a sport or hobby such as fishing.
wheelchair a chair on wheels that is used by people who cannot walk from place to place.