Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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busy doing something or working on something.
equipment anything made for a particular use. Jobs and sports often require special equipment.
front the most forward part or side of something.
game something done for fun or amusement; play.
goal a result or end that a person wants and works for; aim or purpose.
grade to rate for correctness or quality, usually by giving a letter or score.
guest a person who visits another person’s home.
joy a strong feeling of being happy.
library a place in a town or school where you can borrow books, recorded music, and other materials.
paper a thin material often used to write on, to wrap objects, and to make things such as containers.
player someone who takes part in a game or sport.
rod a straight, thin stick or bar.
step each single movement of your foot as you walk.
tight fastened or shut in a secure way; fixed in place.
tribe a group of people, families, or villages that share the same language, social customs, and ancestors.