Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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advice an idea or opinion that someone gives to help you decide.
cartoon a picture or set of pictures that make people laugh or think. Cartoons often have words that show what a character is thinking or saying.
driver a person who drives, or a person whose job is to drive.
faith trust or confidence.
fit to be the right shape and size for someone or something.
inn a small hotel for people who are travelling.
label to put a tag or sticker on, so as to identify.
marker a pen, usually with a felt tip, that makes thick lines of ink and is used for writing and drawing.
nail a thin, pointed piece of metal with a flat top. You hammer nails into pieces of wood or other material in order to fasten them together.
print to put words and pictures onto a surface using a machine.
radio a piece of equipment that receives signals that travel through the air and changes them into sound.
set to put in a particular place.
sleeve the part of a shirt or other piece of clothing that covers the arm.
small little in size, number, or amount.
stripe a line of color that is different in color from the area around it.